This is the first post.

The very first sentence of this blog was entered 2 days ago. I was too bored with the task I’m supposed to be doing, processing everything behind the booking and shipment process, and so I decided to ‘give birth’ to something I can share with people. So, after a thoughtful consideration whether I should go for Tumblr or Blogspot for my new blog, I’ve come to….. *drumroll* WordPress! *clap-clap* And, yes, there goes this blog name. I tried all the names I can think of but none of them is available. I’ve gone far too ‘‘ but I think it sounds rubbishy lol. By the way, despite its name, this blog won’t tell you anything about booking-and-shipment process, the rate of shipping a parcel from one country to another, how much discount you can get if you mention my name, n bla bla. No, this has got nothing to do with those stuffs. I plan to write stuffs mostly about my travel experience, but I realize I am not a frequent traveler (though I want to be one). So, no theme for this blog. You’ll most probably read about all the craps that cross my mind.


1. This blog won’t tell you anything related to booking-and-shipment process, and in no way I get sponsored by any shipping company to promote them. Anything about bookings, shipments, shipping company, is purely subjective opinion written (maybe) drunkenly or in a condition when my sugar as well as boredom level is high. I am in no way responsible for readers’ assumption and choice of courier service after reading this blog.

2. This blog may contain vulgarity, curses, swears, and contents suitable for adults. Please click the ‘x’ symbol on the top right corner of your tab if you didn’t happen to blow the candles of your 21 years old birthday last night. Otherwise, I am not responsible if your mummy finds out you’re reading my blog. So, close, NOW! Do not cheat yourself, you think being old is cool, eh?

3. I am not responsible for any effects, opinions, and/or feelings caused by reading this blog. Peace.